Our Program is very simple:  we book your loads and send you a rate confirmation (ie. Load Sheet).  We handle all of the contracts and paperwork, and we prepare all of the needed documents.  We supply Federal w9 documents, proof of authority, and insurance documentation to the shippers.  We also assist with route planning and factoring for payment.  Our mission is to simplify the trucking business so you can focus on driving!

We believe in a SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD business model where we partner with our clients ... No contracts, and No hidden fees.  We believe in TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!  You get the Rate Confirmations directly from the shippers, and bill them directly or through a factoring company (we recommend TAFS).  We invoice you weekly for our dispatch service, and each invoice is broken down by load.  Very Clean, Very Simple!  We do not require contracts and we never do any "Forced Dispatch!"  We work for YOU, and we EARN your repeat business by providing exceptional service that you can appreciate, and that we can be proud of!

Our Rate Programs are simple as well, and we believe they represent the best value in the industry.  Contact us TODAY for a competitive rate.  We are more than a "Dispatch Company"!  We are a ROUTE MANAGEMENT Company and we will work hard to keep you productive and efficient.

SEMI with REEFER Trailers

SEMI with TANKER Trailer

SEMI with FLATBED Trailer

SEMI with VAN Trailer

SEMI with DUMP Trailer


HOT SHOT with 40' Trailer

HOT SHOT with 25 -35' Trailer



EMERGENCY DISPATCH SERVICES (You are STRANDED somewhere, and we need to help get you out of a jam) ... 15% Dispatch Fee (& worth it!)

*Note:  You do NOT need to be a full-time client of BIG TRUCK 107 to use this service!  We work with anyone who finds themselves in a jam...


"When you sign up with BIG TRUCK 107, you get the full attention of an assigned and dedicated Dispatch Manager, and the support of our entire team!  Let us show you the BIG TRUCK 107 Difference!"  - Jack Bachulak, Director of Dispatch Operations