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I agree to have BIG TRUCK 107 book my loads at the fee rate as shown in the "Dispatch Services" page. I further agree to pay my invoice weekly through paypal or credit/debit card. I give full consent to BIG TRUCK 107 team members to complete and sign documents as required to book loads. I further agree to "Hold Harmless" BIG TRUCK 107, HOT SHOT 107, Dispatch 107, and Black Magic Dispatch. *
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IMPORTANT NOTE:  You MUST Email a copy of your MC Authority (or DOT), a completed w9, and a copy of your Insurance to to complete the set-up process.  If you can not scan and email, PLEASE do not send a photo of these documents - the best secondary option is to fax to 585-219-4625.  We can NOT book freight without this information.

Welcome to the BIG TRUCK 107 Team!  We look forward to working with you!  Please be sure to contact us with ANY questions... Remember, we are different from "FREIGHT BROKERS"... they work for the SHIPPER, while we work for YOU!  It is their mission to ship as inexpensively as possible, while it is our mission to MAXIMIZE your earnings and keep you on the best routes.

Due to recent scams, we now require 1 week of dispatch fees paid in advance for all new clients.  This is a form of deposit, but the fees are not refundable.  You will be invoiced weekly for all dispatch work.  If you fail to pay an invoice, the fees will be deducted from this pre-paid deposit.  We NEVER require any form of long term commitment or exclusive contract, but if you ever decide to leave, your initial pre-paid deposit will simply be used to close out your final week of dispatch.  Under certain circumstances, we will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  Management decisions are final.